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Well Drilling

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Drilling a well is much more than putting a hole in the ground.

Water Well

Water well is any hole dug into the earth, which reaches the water-table for the purpose of extracting water. Strictly speaking, a dugout which intersects the water-table is therefore a well. Ground water is a renewable resource. Artisian wells recharge themselves. A deep drilled well will not vary with dry conditions and provides a stable supply of water. No drilled well should be less than six inches in diameter, therefore for the quantities of water needed for irrigation and domestic users, a well should rarely need to be over six inches in diameter.

Drilled Wells

Click to enlarge photo.Avellino uses the rotary drilled method for digging wells. This requires a fairly complicated expensive drill rig, mounted on a big truck (picture a school bus). We use rotary bits that chew away at the rock, percussion bits that smash the rock. Drilled wells can be drilled more than 1,000 feet deep. Inside the 495 belt we generally drill to the national average of 275 feet.

Mud Job

While drilling a well if unstable and or backfill material are encountered, additional actions may be taken. A second hole is dug, where a mixture of bentonite and water is poured into the hole to seal and stabilize the opening.
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Site Selection

In selecting a site for your well, convenience of access should be considered. (F.Y.I. trucks are 13 _' high, 8' wide and weigh over 50,000 lbs and rig fully extended is about 40' high). Avoid down-slope from or near barns, privies or septic tanks. State regulations and guidelines play a big part in the final selection of the well site. One of the features Avellino offers its customers is taking care of the permitting process. Most communities require a permit and each has its own set of regulations that must be followed.

Most require certified plot plans, (well plans) set backs from property lines, septic and leaching fields have to be taken into consideration. Avellino works with all of the local boards of health and conservation commissions to acquire your permit. Contact us for your town’s regulations.

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Pumping Systems

The most satisfactory pump for a well is the submersible type that involves no suction pipe or foot valve. Sizes range from _ h.p. to 25 h.p. and gives volumes and pressure suitable for needs ranging from home to industry. Pumps can be installed to operate automatically, using a customer’s existing pipe work and with pressure to suit individual requirements. Where volume storage of water is required, the switching can also be automatic through a float switch in the tank. Pumping costs are usually dictated by the depth of the well, deeper wells requiring more horsepower. After drilling a pumping system can be installed and left operational in one or two days.

Example of Pumping System

You’re system may not require all of these parts.

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